Sunday, January 2, 2011

Wedding rehearsal

I am SO mad at myself for this! I just start shooting with the camera before I check the settings, and it makes wonderful moments like these turn out unusable. Ugh! I have got to stop that!

We arrived o rehearsal early so we decided to play around and take some pictures while we were waiting for the rehearsal to being. My little cowboy will not take his boots off! Thankful Jennifer said he can wear hem with his tux. I have to give in on something.

Kolbie looking as cute as she can be! She won't be at the wedding, so we dressed her up and let her strut her stuff at the rehearsal.

The rehearsal actually went very smoothly. My little ring bearer did awesome! He stood up there with his Uncle Luke and waited patiently while stretching his lips and playing with his belly button! What ever it takes! (I'm going to stuff the best man's pocket with skittles and gummy bears for a nice bribe during the wedding!)


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