Monday, December 27, 2010

3 Days of Christmas!

Christmas Eve
To start the evening we headed to Mema's house!

Always a fun and interesting time there!

Then, this year we changed it up and headed to Grammy's house for family Christmas Eve dinner with her, Uncle Sean, Aunt Mel, Brynlee and Chance!

An AWESOME picture of all four grandbabies looking at the camera! Never can get them all to sit still long enough, so this picture is a gift all it own!

I had to share this picture of my precious angel on her first Christmas Eve (sporting a new bow Grammy gave her) lost in a sea of wrapping paper!

So much fun!

After a hearty meal of Grammy's shrimp ettoufee and ton's of special presents we headed home so we wouldn't miss Santa.

Christmas Day

The kiddos woke up about 6:30 to see what Santa left for them.
Kaylon was shocked to see a brand new Kitchen! He immediately started cooking and washing his hands.

It was too funny when he opened the oven door he say "ooh, its really hot!" My silly boy really does listen to his Mama!

Kolbie was drawn right to her pink stroller and 1st baby doll that Santa brought her.

She was so precious talking to it saying "Ahhhhh, Ahhhhhhhhhh" in her high pitched angel baby voice!

Aunt Meagan and Aunt B were there to see them. GG, Mema, and Grammy showed up soon after to enjoy my Christmas angels open up their gifts. After all the fun we settled down to enjoy some cheese grits and off everybody went o start their busy Christmas Day. This s the 1st year the Forey's got to stay home and enjoy each others company and play with all the new toys on Christmas Day.

Late that evening we dressed the children up in their super adorable Christmas attire and headed over to Uncle Luke and Aunt Jennifer's house for a wonderful Christmas Dinner.

After a late evening there we headed home or a good nights sleep.

Day After Christmas
Pop and Noni made their way out to Crosby to enjoy their Christmas time with the kids. We spent the whole day opening gifts, playing outside on the new Jumpy house Pop and Noni brought, eating lots of Cajun stuffed chicken, and just enjoying each others company.

Noni taking her turn being Iron Man!

I have to say this was one of the best Christmas' ever!

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