Monday, December 6, 2010

A Special Santa Moment

This is Kaylon's 3rd Christmas and he is really beginning to grasp the joy of the season. For some reason, the past 2 years believe it or not I did try, but it never worked out for him to meet Santa, sit in his lap and have the whole moment. I really wanted him to have a great experience with it this year so we have been singing the songs, and reading the books, and learning about all the different holidays people celebrate and the story of Santa.
Finally Ryan had a day off and we were able to make it out to the mall to meet Santa only to be at the end of a 2 and a half hour line. We decided not to wait and this obviously turned out to be the best for us because we got to stand off to the side and I got to show Santa to Kaylon and explain to him that he is talking to all the boys and girls and we have to wait out turn. He was BESIDE himself just being in his presence!
So the next opportunity (on a weekday and unfortunately with out Daddy) we returned to the mall to have our 1st visit with Santa. We got to the mall and the devil horns were shinning on my sweet boys head! I just knew this was going to be terrible. We arrived while Santa was out feeding his Reindeer, and thankfully didn't have to wait to long. (We had a special pass this time that allowed us to cut in line...yay for us, bummer for those who had been waiting for so long:(
The moment that Santa came around the corner and sat in his big comfy Santa Chair, he winked and waved to my boy. Kaylon was giddy with excitement! He was just feet away from us, but we were asked by the elves to let 2 infant babies go 1st. Of course, we were pleased to do so, and I explained to Kaylon that we had to wait our turn, Santa gets to talk to all the boys and girls. He kept telling Santa while we were waiting "patiently"... "I a good boy Santa." Finally it was our turn, Santa turned to us and raised his arms up to Kaylon, and my sweet boy ran as fast as he could to climb up on Santa's lap and have his turn. If only I had a tool to decipher what he was telling him. Kaylon was filled with words flooding out tell Santa all about...who knows what! Kolbie was amazing too! She sat in Santa's lap next to her brother and just stared at the jolly man. My heart was just filled with so much joy and love to see my children enjoying the moment. I know it sounds crazy. It felt like ages before our turn was over, but a few moments I decided to usher my children down the line. Kaylon gave Santa a BIG hug, got off his lap said "Bye Santa" and blew him a heavenly sweet boy kiss. Melt MY Heart! Then funny enough he told Santa "Ho Ho Ho, Merry Christmas" which Santa giggled at him a belted out the same right back to him. I hated my husband had to miss this! We called him right away and Kaylon told him all about it! (Thankfully I thought ahead and had Aunt Meagan video tape the whole thing...which Daddy watched 3 times when he got home from work, and all he could comment was how fuzzy it made him feel inside and the urge it gave him to go sit in Santa's lap too!)

I could not have asked for a better special Santa moment!


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