Saturday, February 27, 2010

A Big Scare

This Thursday I had my usual one week check at the OB to make sure Kolbie is growing well and my sugar levels are stable. I had an awesome ultrasound session. Kolbie was moving all over the place. We finally got a great shot of her face. We were even able to see that she has grown a little mohawk. Its funny to see hair light up on that dark screen. She put on a little more than average weight the past few weeks growing from 4 lbs 13oz two weeks ago to a woping 6lbs 4oz. My doctor was very happy to see her doing so well saying "If only every baby could look like this." So, I am ecstatic about that.

Sweet baby face (look at those lips! Just like Daddy)

Daddy's cheeks and eyes, too! What do I have to do? (Check out the mohawk)

On the other hand, pregnancy seems to play hardball with Mommy's body. If you remember, Kaylon wasn't the easiest baby to carry. Despite my glucose levels being manageable under medication, my blood pressure seems to be increasingly on the rise. At the office the first reading was 152/90 and after lying there for 15 to 20 min it crept up to 172/110. This is obviously not healthy for me or the baby. So off to Labor and Delivery I go. Once again at 36 weeks and all on my own. Fortunately, after lying in a hospital bed all of Thursday until Friday evening, my blood pressure became stable again. That being said, my kidney's have begun to shed excessive amounts of protein (which is also a sign of pre-eclampsia.) Needless to say, Dr. Boswell was unsure to send me home on Friday, but with a promise to take it easy, she agreed. With strict orders of monitoring my BP, glucose levels, urine dips, and bed rest I am now home, but must report back to Labor and Delivery 1st thing Tuesday morning for a day full of monitoring again.

That being said, I am in crazy amounts of Kaylon with drawl so I am headed off now to go pick up him up from Pop and Noni's. Bed rest was not designed with this Mommy in mind, but I do promise to take it easy.

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