Monday, February 15, 2010

Superbowl 2010

This year we were invited to my brothers apt to watch the game. We were excited to go and hang out with him. He had a great turn out. Tons of people there, of which we knew only a few, but non the less had a great time.

Uncle Luke was proud to show off his nephew to all his friends. He thought it was pretty hilarious to let Kaylon jump off the counters and and chairs (while he was there to catch of course.) I guess its acceptable behavior in a bachelor pad. To this day, you can growl at Kaylon and he will growl back. Thank you for that Uncle Luke.

I think the hubby and I were the only ones rooting for the Colts in the entire crowd. I'm not real sure what Ryan's reasoning was, but I was cutie patootie Payton's cheerleader. (Although, now I have to admit Daddy Drew and his son, melted my heart there at the end.)

All in all we had a ton of fun, and Kaylon was wore out from flirting with all the pretty girls, and showing off for everyone so he slept pretty late on Monday. Mission accomplished!

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