Friday, November 2, 2012

1st stop at the Ice Cream truck

I know...its a little ridiculous that my children are 2 and 4 and this is there first experience with the ice cream truck.  It totally brought back memories of me and the cousins running down the street with our dollar bills flying in the air, fresh from Big  Daddy's pocket after he tortured us by waiting til the last minute to give up the goods! Our little hearts racing thinking we may actually miss it this time. Poor kids, if we only knew...those truck would stop even for a dime! Oh the good old days. 
Now I realize, Ive just set myself up for the next time Pop goes the Weasel comes blaring around the corner.
Oh how I love to spoil these children!

 ( I can't really take all the credit...Daddy was all over his $$ before that truck even hit our street:)

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