Monday, August 3, 2009

Trip to San Marcos

I am pretty sure this was Kaylons first trip outside the Houston area. I know for sure he hasn't ever been in the car for 3+ hours strait before. He did amazing. He slept half the way both to and from San Marcos, but I have to say he was a little fussy during our shopping trips. We go to see Jen ( My cuz) but can't help but get as much shopping in at the outlet malls as we can. We scored all kinds of good deals, ate great food, and caught up with an "old" friend (who I made the Kolton rags for) All in all...a great trip as always! Here is Kaylon in his first Hotel room. (He some how made it over to the Kleenex box and proceeded to pull them out one by one...Aunt KK said this was ok because she once heard it was "therapeutic" in some way...I don't have a pic of this because the shots were taken on Aunt Glenda's camera...mine was just out of reach.)

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