Thursday, September 15, 2011


When Ryan took the job in Mississippi, it was moments like these that we were looking forward to. Being able to have family outing, just the four of us...its priceless.

We all know Kaylon is our little super hero, so when I saw that Sesame Street was coming to town we were all about it, and the fact that it was all about "Super Hero's" was a PLUS!

Kolbie's 1st show was the circus a few months ago and she did very well. I was still kind of nervous to see how she would do sitting through a long play like this one. But she looooves Cookie Monster and Big Bird, so I was anxious to see how she would react when seeing them.

They were both so excited! Kaylon has a super big smile on every time Super Grover was on stage, and when he wasn't...he was looking for him!

Kolbie was making "num num" Cookie Monster noises and bird noises all through the 1st half. And when Abby would make her fairy noises, she was in awe!

That was until intermission of course. For the 10 min break we let the kids climb up and down the stairs and play chase ( anything to keep them away from the $10 balloons and the $15 stuffed dolls :)

So when intermission was over, there was no sitting still. Those stairs were on their minds.
The show would get their attention back when it was time to sing songs and wiggle around. When it was all over...they did NOT want to say bye! It was unfortunate the characters dont come out after the show to give hugs and take pictures. Later I found out they do offer it but it is only available at one showing. Lessons learned Mommy. Next time!

(Btw...Kaylon has now changed his dragon slaying helmet into a Super Grover helmet. Which...was very creative because it does look exactly the same!)


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