Thursday, September 29, 2011

"You slapped me!"

Talk about a reflex!
Let me set the scene...

There I am laying on our bed, in the middle of a deep conversation (about our broken dryer) when all of the sudden I start getting swatted in the face with a hat.

I make the angry eyes, I point my finger and shake it, all the while still getting swatted with this hat that my son of course begins to think is a game. Mind you, I am still on the phone.

Then all if the sudden this gentle annoying swat turned into a skin stinging smack on my cheek from the brim of this hat. Unfortunately for him, he was in striking distance range.quick as lightning before even I KNEW what happened...SLAP! Right across the check! We were both stunned, that I had to interrupt our conversation and confess my sins! " I just slapped my son!" I told Grammy. Of course she tried to comfort me, but Kaylon is still looking at me flabbergasted by the situation until he finally said in an increasingly upset tone..."You SLAPPED me!"

For which my only response was reiterating that I asked him to stop (which disturbed me how much I sound like my Mother in that very moment)

I felt (still feel) very guilty that it happened and even more so that it left a mark, but you know what...I haven't gotten swatted with that durn hat again! So...I guess it worked!

Oh great! He knows I'm talking about him because now he's hanging on my neck telling me how much he loves me "to pieces." Way to work it little boy!

On a side note:
Kolbie Michelle better watch out with that attitude she's been walking around with lately because that fast as lighting reflex might jump out and regulate again!

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  1. its ok momma..... wait till he calls his sister a "smart ass" when he is about 15 years old and you reach across the bar and slap him again... As he tries to tell you he SAID..."smart allic" this may or may not have happened to me. ;)