Tuesday, September 6, 2011

We visit HOME! (Labor Day 2011)

Ryan has yet to be able to make it back home to Crosby since the move out here to MS. So we took advantage of the long Labor Day weekend and ventured home.

Friday night we were excited to have a mini Forey reunion with Sean, Melissa, Brynlee and Chance. It was crazy to think the last time we saw them was 6 months ago!! How time flies! Grammy, Pop & Noni, Mema, and Scott all stopped by to hang out too.

It was fun to see the cousins all hanging out together. Brynlee wanted pick up and hold Kolbie all night, and Kolbie wasn't having much of that... She's a big girl now! Kaylon and Chance were bouncing off the wall and the couch and any other surface they could tackle each other on. Those giggles were contagious.

We were all having such a good time in each others company that the only time i thought to pick up the camera was when all the kids gathered around Grammy to get a bite to eat!

(Not the best picture, but a sweet moment no the less!)

Our children did start the day off clothed, but after Kaylon went nuts with the water hose (due to Pop & Noni's encouragement :) the end result was 4 naked toddlers...

The guys mostly hing out outside giving each other a hard time about their upcoming Fantasy football draft, while us girls stayed inside pouring each other another drink! hehe!

It was a great visit and it made us miss home so much.


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