Friday, September 23, 2011

Kaylon is 3!

My sweet super hero is 3 years old today! It has nearly been a solid year now that Iron Man came into our lives, and at one point I was worried Kaylon would never come back. Now we have a multiple personality issue because Spider Man has now graced us with his presence. You never really know who you are talking to anymore. And the armor is not necessarily a give away. He can morph back and forth pretty quickly. 6 months ago I decided to do a Cookie Monster themed birthday party for him because he loved the blue furry guy, and he still does. But, I am feeling pretty guilty about not changing it to Super Hero's, because after all...its no joke. He really is a Super Hero. He's only Kaylon on his down time. What do you do! By his track record, he will still be Spider Man this time next year, and we can go all our super hero! So watch out!

We are going home to have the Cookie Monster party in Crosby, so we decided to have some little Spidey Cupcakes and sing him Happy Birthday with a few of our Mississippi friends (the Duvall's)...and wouldn't you know it...I didn't get a single picture of him...on his 3rd Birthday!
I'm really slacking....
(we did video it I won't beat myself up over it)

Happy Birthday My Hero!! Mommy loves you with all her heart!!


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