Tuesday, August 24, 2010

1st Day Mothers Day Out, Class 2

All day yesterday I was telling Kaylon, "School day tomorrow!" and like any kid, he would holler back at me "Nooooo!" Same went for this morning, but he woke up happy as can be, ate his breakfast, got dressed, and helped me with his back pack. He even waited patiently on his side of the car for me to come put him in his chair. The story changed when we got into the parking lot. He was tugging on my leg, whining, and wanted me to carry him the whole way walking into the building. Once we got inside it was all smiles. We got to his new class room. He is now in "Class 2" with the 2 year olds. We still have our favorite teacher, Mrs. Danyel.

It was weird because when he started last year, every one referred to him as "the baby" because he was only 11 months old. Now he is in a big boy class. When I was dropping him off, I was shocked to see that every kid in his class was Potty TRAINED! Even Ashley who is only 13 days older than him! Not cool. So now I have some hard work ahead of me!

After a few pictures, all the kids settled down for a snack. I saw this as my opportunity to sneak out. I grabbed my bag turned around and heard "Bye Bye." He ran up to me, gave me kisses, gave sister kisses and was on his way! No tears today from either of us! We are getting so big!


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  1. What a big boy! I am so proud of both of you! HA! He is getting so big, it makes me want to cry! Kiss the big school boy for us!