Saturday, September 4, 2010

All in 6 months

In 6 months, from being my petite baby girl, to my rolly polly squishy squirmy sweetness! Just in the last month she has cut her 1st 2 teeth, been scooting off her mat durring tummy time, and even rolling off the bed and couch (each only once)! I just know she will be crawling in no time!

She is a smiley girl ALL the time. From morning until night. She doesn't like mommy to leave her playing in a room by herself, and car rides are still not on her list of favorite things. Oh, and I better be on time with her bottle. Other than that, I get giggles and grins! She is even all smiles when Mommy plays dress up with her on a regular basis. (A new favorite past time of mine, hehe!)
For 2 months now I have been force feeding her an aray of vegetables and fruit. I say force feeding, because she doesn't like ANY of it!! She spits it all out each and every bite. I don't know what I'm going to do with this girl. I'm guessing she is going to be a meat and potatoes kid. We will begin trying those new flavors in the weeks to come.

She is also the drooliest random spit upper I know! I keep saying I'm going to hang a bucket around her neck, so don't be suprised if you see a snap shot of that in the future! I am happy to say her spit up has dramatically decreased in the last week, thank goodness. But that drool. It's out of control.

Her most favorite thing in the whole world is her big brother Kaylon. She gets so excited when he comes in the room she nearly jumps out of my lap. She can't stand not being able to follow him around. All in good time. It almost makes me sad to think about it. Oh, and make no mistake Kaylon loooves his "Sissy." He tells me " I hold, I hold Sissy." He thinks he's such a big help when he gets to hold her.
We have been working on her sitting up on her own, but still teeter totters a bit, so we might wait a few more weeks before her next portrait session.

This last week Daddy decided it was time for her to move into her room, that has been waiting for her since before she was born. It drove me crazy at night only being able to hear Kaylon on the monitor, so before we moved her in I had to go get one of those fancy video monitors. It gives me peace of mind more than it is necessary, but I love it. Ryan said he found me asleep with the monitor in my face the first night. I couldn't deny it.

My precious angel, I can hardly remember your 6lb self swaddled so tighly sleeping so soundly in your bassinett. And it was only 6 months ago! What am I going to think 6 or 16 years from now? Where does the time go?

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