Thursday, July 7, 2011

A Forey 4th of July weekend (Part One)

We had lots of company for the long holiday weekend, and we couldn't have been more excited to welcome everyone!

Pop & Noni surprised the kids bright and early Thursday morning after they got in late from their flight the night before. We decided to break them in 1st with a "Home Cooked Meal" from The Heritage House. Its a cute little restaurant close to Ryan's office that is owned by a bunch of Grandma's who do everything from cooking to waiting on the tables. Its adorable AND delicious!

Daddy had to rush off to work, so the kids and I took Pop & Noni to the slash park that we love so much. There was a bit of playing in the water, but Kaylon was more focused on giving the grand tour of the entire park! He was so proud to show them around.

Day 2 was designated CIRCUS DAY, so we spent the morning relaxing at the pool wearing the kids out so they would have a good long nap and be ready for the circus.

I have only taken the kids to the pool once this summer and it was not the best experience. They were both nervous and very clingy. Its hard to get anything accomplished when they are both trying to drown you!! We usually stick to the splash pads and water hoses so, I was happy to have Noni & Pop there to help.

To my amazement Kolbie did awesome! She was not afraid one bit. She started jumping in right when we got there and was splashing around and kicking her feet like crazy.

Kaylon on the other hand was terrified the water was going to go in his nose. Silly boy! He was in his comfort zone just playing on the steps for hours. That is until a neighbor friend of our showed up with her 2 year old little boy in floatys. Dallon just ran and jumped in and started swimming all over. We all know my son...he was NOT about to let this boy be bigger than he was, and just like that...all his fear was out the door. He started jumping out to the middle of the pool and swimming all around. I had to call for backup from Pop just because he was being so brave!

My WATER BABIES! (Have I mentioned lately how much I love my waterproof camera? I do, I do!)

After good naps it was finally time to go to the Circus! It was the first time ever Ryan, Kaylon, and Kolbie had ever been to the circus, and the 1st time I had been to a Ringling Bros. circus.

My Big boy was excited to see the Elephants, but when we got inside was surprised to see the Clown, and the horses and the motorcycles.

Kolbie's favorite part was probably the horses and camels. The cats and dogs got her attention too. And of course the Elephants were the stars of the show.

I was so happy to have them experience the circus. It was one of those moments that melts my heart.

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