Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Monkey Joe's

Monkey Joe's is an Indoor Jump House in Ocean Springs that we go to at least once a month. I love it because they can both run wild and there is plenty of staff available to help me keep an eye out when they run separate ways :)

Today we decided to make an afternoon of it, and in the middle of our fun appeared out of nowhere...MONKEY JOE!!

Kaylon turned around to find this big furry fella right behind him, it startled him but only for a split second. He was ecstatic to give him hugs and talk his ear off. He walked around the facility holding his hand. My sweetie boy!

Kolbie was amazed. She looked and looooked at the over sized monkey and just could not figure him out...until he played peek a boo with her! She knew what that was! And then it was time for Hi fives!

I followed them around as they made there way to see all the other kids. Kaylon kept calling his name "Monk Joe, Monk Joe...Mommy...he not hear me!" I had to explain that Monkey Joe was friends with everybody and need to play with them too :) That did not fill his need for Mr. Joe to have to stop and watch him jump and slide! But sufficed as a fill in. He gave him one last hug and posed for a picture.

This was a big test for them because Kaylon and Kolbie have both met Santa and the Easter Bunny, but they were always sitting and being still. Monkey Joe was as animated as they come, hoping around and dancing and giving hi fives. I am SOOOO glad they didn't get scarred. This makes me even MORE excited about the CIRCUS THIS WEEKEND!!!


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