Sunday, June 12, 2011

Texas for a week!

We decided it would be best to separate the kids for a while when we got home, thinking that they may be passing this virus back and forth to each other. Pop was off for a few days so he and Noni picked up Kaylon when we made it back to Texas. I got a few texts messages from Pop letting me know he was doing fine and filing me in on how much fun they were having. Kolbie and I stayed at Grammys house a couple of nights and had quality girl time. We weren't very busy and didn't get out much because I was still weary of them getting sick.

I took Kolbie for her 1 year check up (I know, only 4 months late!) I would love to update her stats but for the life of me I can't find that paper anywhere...
Anyway...The doctor said she looked great and was growing right on target. She was a little concerned she might be underweight, but I filled her in on the last months episodes and Kaylon's hospital ordeal. She thought they both needed to start a probiotic and if it didn't solve any
problems it definitely wouldn't hurt them to have it. She said after a few days of that she didn't see any problem bringing them back into the public.

We manged to get some play time in at Pirates Bay, which was a real treat. We started going there last summer and made plans to go once a week before we found out we were moving to MS. Mema, GG, Aunt Meag, Aunt B, Kinzie, and Cameron made it to the water park with us this trip and it was so much fun!

You would not believe that I started having car trouble while we were home. My car battery kept dying on me and Saturday when we were supposed to be at Jenna and TJ's wedding, we were stranded in Crosby waiting for Mema to come rescue us while my car was in the shop. Thankfully it was just the battery that needed replacing and we made it to the wedding right on time, which was kind of important seeing as how I was taking the pictures.

The wedding was really sweet.

Welcome to this crazy family TJ and Congratulations to you both!

We originally had plans to stay until tuesday, but I was having major husband withdraws so I decided we would leave early Sunday morning. I loaded the kids up at 3 am and made it back to MS in record time...5 1/2 hours! I told you I wanted to get back, and don't worry...I was driving at the posted speed limits, I promise.

We really hated not being able to see everyone like we planned, but I have come to the realization the "home" is where my husband is. I'm glad to be back in his company :) Adios Texas, see you October!

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