Monday, June 6, 2011

Kaylon in the Hospital

As you know my babies have been very very sick with a tummy bug that just wont go away. After seeing the doctor about a week ago to no avail, we decided to take him back in for a 2nd opinion. At this point he had been having nasty poops for 20+ days and vomiting nearly every night for 14 days. We met with Dr. Dupont and she decided it was pretty urgent to admit him to the hospital to try and figure out what was going on.

I was pretty upset that I let it get this far. I felt like I had been giving them both plenty of fluids to try and keep them hydrated. I had taken milk and dairy foods out of their diet completely. Kolbie's tummy wasn't half as bad as Kaylon's. She was having nasty diapers just as long, but only threw up once the entire time, and I could not keep her sippy cup full. Kaylon on the other hand, I offered and offered drinks to him, and he would take some every now and again, but it obviously wasn't enough.

When we got to the hospital, the orders were already there waiting on us to start his fluids. The IV i had anticipated was going to be a bad deal for both of us. The doctor suggested that we not even be in the room when they put it in. YEAH RIGHT! Ryan and I were both there. It took us both plus 4 other nurses to hold him down to get it in. He was fatigued already so that fight just wore him right out and he slept pretty much the rest of the night. They had to wake him up again to draw blood out of the other arm which made me PRETTY UPSET! I thought they should have drawn the blood out of the IV port before they started running the fluids. But I'm not a nurse, I guess they had there reasons. We made sure they understood they had one shot to get it and draw all they needed because it wasn't happening again. Daddy stayed with us and got a little sleep on the couch bench in the room and I tried to rest in the bed with Kaylon.

After the 1st bag of fluid he still had not wet his diaper, so they started another bag of fluid. By morning (5AM) he had perked up quite a bit. He thought he was being spoiled by getting all the popsicles he wanted for breakfast.

He was became very interested in his IV and I think he started to realize that is what was making him feel better. He wanted to walk around, so we ventured out of the room a few times to let him stretch his legs. We had waited all night to hear the results of his blood work and the x-rays. The doctor came in for just a minute that morning to say she was being pulled into a delivery and would wait to discuss all the result with us in the afternoon. So Ryan went home to spend some time with Kolbie and Grammy came up to the hospital. We hated that the kids had to be sick when Grammy was out to visit, but we were sure happy to have her here with Kolbie so we both could be with Kaylon.

After the 2nd bag of fluid he finally started to wet his diaper. That was very good news.

When the doctor finally made it in she informed us that ALL the test she had run were negative and didn't show any infections or virus in his blood. His x-ray showed he had no fluid built up in his lungs which was a concern since he had been vomiting so much. Ironically he had not thrown up or had a dirty diaper the entire time we were there. She came to the conclusion that he must have gotten a bad virus (like Rotovirus) that put his body of balance and he couldn't get back on track. She still wanted to test a stool sample, but said that he could eat and if he didn't throw anything up, he could go home. Thankfully Ryan had brought Kolbie up to the hospital by that time and Dr. Dupont agreed that the stool sample could come from Kolbie since she had been having the same symptoms.

Kaylon was hungry but was not the least bit interested in the cafeteria food that was sent in. After only eating a couple of crackers and toast one of the nurses went on a special run just fir him to get him some chicken nuggets and french fries! I'm not sure if they wanted to see him go home or just me, but either way...he ate them up. After an hour, there was no throw up and we Kolbie Michelle came through with a nasty diaper! So we were on our way home!

Kolbie had no problem eating hospital food!

Of course the 1st hour we were home Kaylon made 2 super nasty diapers, so I called the doctor and she said she was happy with just testing Kolbie's and that we would hear from her Sunday morning before we headed back to Texas.

Kaylon ended up sleeping the entire afternoon from 5pm until 4:20 the next morning but woke up my bright and shinny boy and being extra generous with all his hugs and kisses!

Saturday night was a different story, he started throwing up again at 4am Sunday morning, so I went ahead and put a call in to the doctor. Said the stool sample didnt show any signs of the 5 virus' she checked for and she was comfortable with us headed back to Texas and recommended we follow up with our Pediatrician back home.

It was a pretty stressful situation, but I am thankful that he was there. I really had no idea he was as dehydrated as he was. So even though we didn't get a definitive diagnosis, they did resolve the dehydration so we are headed back to Texas for a week!

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