Monday, June 20, 2011


My angel baby girl, super cute sweetness had morphed into a Wild child, Little Devil, fit throwing sassy britches!

If I didn't know better I would say she is Bi-polar, but truthfully, this girl just knows how to work the crowd. She can smile a sweet sweet smile that can melt your heart and the next second be screaming bloody murder. She still waves to every...single...stranger...that walks by. Of course winning them over in an instant, so when Mommy or Daddy has to spank her hand in public WE look like the bad guys :)

She has gone from a Daddy's girl, where he is the end all knows all twinkle in her scream my head off for as long as it takes until Mommy picks me up girl. This is a battle all on it own, because she obviously gets her stubbornness from me, so we pretty much come to a stand off most of the time until she gets side tracked (rare) or I just give in and pick her up (usually). The sweet sound of "Ma Ma" has turned into the scary cry of a goat "Maaaaaaaa Maaaaaaa" and forget Da Da...He's Mama too most of the time.

She loves her Big brother, but really she just tolerates his presence. He is way to busy for her laid back lifestyle. She soaks up everything he does, getting in a laugh or 2 at him, and once he has calmed down she will sneak his sword and "get you!" She makes the sweetest little sword fighting sound your ears have ever heard. She especially loves to "fly to the moon" on one of our shoulders while we run around the house and the screams come out when her turn is over!

An animal lover is understatement of the year when it comes to Kolbie. The presence of any kind of animal excites her to the core. She cant help herself but to get all the puppy kisses she can when she sees one. Big or small, she's not scared of anything. It melts my heart to see the pure innocents of her and an animal.

She is also book worm. Love love LOVES to sit and study ever single thing on every page of a book. It doesn't even have to be a book. A card, a mail flyer, the cheez-it box. Its all very interesting to her.

Her new found love in the toy box has been the discovery of Mardi Gras beads. She loves to walk around in them. When we are in any store she can zone in on the jewelry section. Daddy is very nervous about this :)

She is still my petite little sweet thing...just now with retractable horns!
- She is still wearing 6-12 months clothes, sometimes 12-18 months, and sometime 3-6 months...
-She loves to dance to the music, even if its just a commercial... when the music is on, her hips are swaying.
-She loves to carry lovies. Her favorite one is her Piggy Scentsy Pal. She sleeps with it every night.
- She is my garbage disposal. This girl will eat anything, so long as its not green!
- I can not keep her sippy cup full, Her fluid intake is immense.
-She can say "I love you"...well "Eye Youuuuuu" while pointing. We are still working on the love part.
-She loves to show you her belly button, and when she is wearing a romper, she raises her hands in the cutest way to say "i don't know" because she cant find it
-she is super ticklish all over, and turns into a giggle monster in anticipation of being tickled.
-If you can't find her just look in her covers. If she hasn't put herself to bed, then she is probably playing in the toilet!

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