Monday, June 20, 2011


He is my Super Hero, My Knight in Shinning Armour, and the designated Dragon Slayer!
His imagination keeps our house on it toes! He has more dress up clothes in the toy box than Kolbie does :) He LOVES his sister, and forces her to play with him by tackling her from the back side. Its more of a WWF arms around the neck and body slam, than a tackle per say...but regardless it gets a scream out of her.

My Kaylon is as sweet as he can be on most days, but lately has been testing his boundaries with ignoring even the simplest of tasks that are requested of him. I explain to him after he spends countless minutes in the corner or time out and finally completes the task, that...Mommy ALWAYS wins! Although it has been getting pretty though to handle sometimes, I know my persistence is what will make the difference in molding him into a person he can be proud of.

Just in the last week he has decided to tackle the potty chair, and he is doing SO well! I bought it 6 months ago, and introduced it to him, but never pushed it. 7 days ago today he decided his diaper is what was causing his hiney to hurt (...not the endless amounts of diarrhea he was having.) I told him he didn't have to wear the diaper anymore if he made sure to put his pee pee's in the potty chair, because "I do not want to be cleaning up any pee pee mess!" And that was it! He is so proud every time he goes that he will carry the potty chair all around the house to find one of us so he can show off his accomplishments. We still put a diaper on at night and sometimes during nap time. He rarely has a mess, and when he does...its one of those moments where he is mad and does it deliberately. My sweet boy you ask? Oh yes...he has the spite in him...he must get that from his Daddy :)

We are used to playing outside every day for at least an hour but usually more. Now that it is June I have noticed his intolerance to handle the heat become a lot more prevalent. When we arrive to the park, he doesn't even want to get out of the car a lot of the time. Even when we are playing in the front "yard" after about 30 min outside, he will take himself inside to cool off. I try to make "water play" available in everything we do, but sometimes its hard to convince him to do even that. He has become completely content with staying inside out of the heat. I can't blame him for that. At 100 degrees it feels like a sauna to me, I cant imagine what it feels like to him, when your body doesn't have the ability to cool its self off. He seems to be old enough to know when he's getting to hot. Thankfully we have not had any fainting episodes so far this year.
Plans for his 3rd birthday Cookie Monster party are in full swing. Ryan will not be able to get back to Houston with us for his party, so we will be here to celebrate with Daddy and have him a party back home in October.

My sweet boy is getting so tall, and so grown up.
- We just had to restock his summer wardrobe with size 3T because the 2T just isn't long enough.
-His favorite songs to sing are "Oh, Happy Day" and "I Love You" from Barney.
-His favorite toy right now is his sword (accompanied by any one of his many masks/helmets.)
-He can count to 10 with out any help (Usually)
-He can find every dragon in the house! Watch out, there is ALWAYS one hiding under the bed!


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