Sunday, June 5, 2011

Grammy Comes to visit- Part 1

We have been in Mississippi for 2 full months now, so Grammy decided she needed to get some Kaylon and Kolbie love. We did our best staying busy...

The kids LOVE to play out side with the neighborhood "friends." It is lots of fun for us to just sit out and watch them run around having fun.

Daddy brought a special surprise home from work and they have had as much fun with this box as they have with real toys!

St. Andrew Park and Splash Pad
During our outdoor activities I always try to incorporate some kind of water play. We have an awesome park that has 2 covered playground areas and a LARGE splash pad. I was excited to show this find off to Ryan so he can see for himself what we do during the days he is at work. It was Sunday before Memorial Day but decided to go any way despite the crowd were were expecting. We hit the drive thru to supply our "picnic" and spent the afternoon splashing
around. We were the ONLY people there for most of the time, and only a handful of people
ventured in and out. Another reason why I love this place!

Pensacola, Florida
So beautiful. It was interesting because Kaylon and Kolbie have both been battling a stomach bug and Kaylon woke up a little grumpy from his nap, but we were determined to have fun! The beaches are so beautiful there its hard not too! After a few hours in the sun, we of course had to visit the Souvenir Shop and ate some delicious food on the Boardwalk.

Indoor Day- FREE Puppy Kisses!
This was a great find! My kids are animal lovers...ESPECIALLY Kolbie! We have a local pet shop that will let you come in and play with their animals. It helps get them out of the cages and have a little extra play time too.

They were both so excited to play with the puppies. Kaylon loved to throw them the toy and play tug. Kolbie was just happy as she could be getting tons of puppy kisses.

Definitely going to have to go back there soon! An awesome way to wear out a couple of toddlers!


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