Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Dana comes to PLAY!!

What can we possibly pack into 4 days of nothing but RAIN????


Since we were already there to pick up Dana at the airport...why not play all day in NO? Like everyone else in the city we tried to hide from the rain and enjoy some beignets! Got a little shopping done, ate some GREAT food, and walked, and walked, and walked :)


Rain rain go away! It rained the whole way there and the whole way back, but thankfully there was a break in the rain long enough for us to play! To start the island adventure...I decided I would get the blue beast of a Tahoe STUCK in the sand!! (Note: my 1st time driving on the super fine powder!) That adventure swallowed up most of our free time, and quite a bit of our cash too. BUT...the beach was beautiful. The water was a gorgeous shade of turquoise. Kolbie Michelle was brave and and went for a deep swim with Dana. I on the other hand stayed shallow with my dare devil :)


Not real sure how we decided to do something like tour an Alligator Farm, but's here, and something new to do!!
I was terrified walking thru the swamps on the rickety planks they called a bridge, and more so when it came to touching the slimy suckers! Brave Dana had to show us up and hold the thing, which was all fine and good until it moved in her hands and she nearly launched the tiny baby back into the keepers hands! :) Kaylon was very interested, but because we are avid Swamp People watchers was well aware of their biting capabilities and kept his distance. It was just to darn hot for Kolbie to care about anything...

Never really know what is in store when Dana and I are in each others company, but its sure to be a story...a really long story...with no really good explanation as to how it came about!!

Love you Dana!! Thank you for coming to play on the ENTIRE GULF COAST! (haha)


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