Saturday, July 30, 2011

Aunt Meag

My little sister took it all on her own to fly solo to MS and visit us before she starts back to school.

She was nervous flying by herself, so the kids and decided we would park the car and meet her at baggage claim. She was surprised to see us inside, and the kids jumped all over her.

Days 1-3 were shopping days (hehe) and day 4 on the way back to the airport the whole family stopped at the New Orleans Aquarium. That was adventure! After I leave large public places like that it reminds me why I try to save them for during school days!! It was a crazy mess with tons of people. Kolbie enjoyed looking at all the neat fish, but Kaylon just liked the cartoon caricatures displayed around the facility. Being in such crowded places with the kids gives me major anxiety, so we saw everything there was to see and headed out for a good lunch.

When it was time to drop Meagan off at the airport, I had to give her a quick hug bye and jump back in the car so she wouldn't see me crying. I hate not being able to spend as much time with my 2 sisters as I used too. But , it makes me cherish these short tips soo sooo soooo much!

I think Aunt B may have officially lost her "favorite Aunt" status! :)


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