Tuesday, March 22, 2011

1st Birthday Bash- Cutting the Cake

This moment was much harder for me than I ever imagined. I don't have the words to explain what I felt when the moment arrived and it was time to sing her "Happy Birthday."
- Mind you...I have been singing her "Happy Birthday to you" for a month now, and over and over again the past few days. Friday was her actual birthday and Saturday was the party. I got so busy with the preparation that I ran out of time to get her a little cake and sing to her on her actual birthday, so I can only imagine that added to my emotion during he party...but I was crying my eyes out! I did NOT want to sing to my baby her "Happy Birthday" song because it was official. She was ONE. No turning back, Do not pass go...It has happened. My angel baby girl was no longer an infant. Hard pill to swallow for me this time for some reason. I had to leave the room to compose myself, while everyone was laughing at me:)

After getting myself together, loosing it all over again, and repeating the cycle several times
...I had to be a big girl and get on with it!

Happy Birthday to YOU...

Happy Birthday to YOU...

Happy Birthday to Kolbie Michelle

Happy Birthday to YOU!



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