Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Spring Break Staycation- Park & Kite Flying

We decided we would take the kids to Bay Area Park to play and feed the ducks, and have our 1st attempt at flying a kite.

Kolbie Michelle being a big girl trying to climb over the curb.

Of course she crashed on the landing!

Sliding with Aunt B
( I don't know what is with the tongue, but it is always out anymore!)

Daddy helping Kaylon with the balance beam.

Hanging around!

Another crash!
(Don't worry..Daddy caught him on the monkey bars, he crashed after trying to jump off the tire maze)

Daddy and Kaylon flying the kite.
(It seemed to be a bunch of running around for both of them, and not so much flying...)

Kolbie getting an A+ in observation!

Feeding the ducks?

The ducks were no where to be found that day, so instead he played in the mud. (those shoes made it into the trash :)

Do you see that kid? What happened to my baby boy? :(


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