Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Our Big Boy

He is changing so fast. Just a few weeks ago, he was trying to crawl with just his arms, dragging his legs behind him. In just this short amount of time, he has gone to crawling with one leg then both. He is a total speed racer now. Loose sight of him one minute and he makes it from the living room to the kitchen and gets himself stuck under the table. Now he has begun to pull himself up. He uses anything he can get his hands on. It scares me really because he falls all the time. I just know he is going to hurt himself on our tile one of these days. It is the cutest thing though…Ryan lowered his crib just in the nick of time, because now when he wakes up and starts fussing he is standing up at the rail waiting for us when we go to get him out of his bed. It melts my heart.
He is really brave too. Just this weekend he had started to pull himself up. If he see’s something remotely close to him that he has to have. He will figure out a way to get to it. He obviously hasn’t mastered a step yet, but he will turn and just fall. Just let go. Whatever. He doesn’t care. Bang…hit the floor and keep going. My heart skips a beat every time! I guess its just the life with a baby boy.
He is on a very good routine lately too. He has been sleeping every night almost 10 hours with out waking up (nice) and every day about 10:30 or 11 am he will just lay his head down for a nap…no matter where he is. He can be on the kitchen floor, under the table, in his jump jump...where ever. Our sweet boy. We just love him to piece’s.

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