Monday, June 8, 2009

Look what Kaylon Found

Friday, round 2 in the pool (after a nice long nap) he jumped in with Mema, Jenna, and Kenzie. He didn’t stay in for very long. When he wanted to get out I just tore his little swimmer diaper off and let him air dry for a few minutes since it was so hot out. After a little bit he went wee wee of course… but then…he saw it. Yep…IT! He has noticed it before during diaper changes and what not, just knowing something was down there. But once he saw the pee pee come out he grabbed a hold of his little “Peter Pan” and tried so hard to get a good look at it. He was twisting and turning all sorts of ways. You could just see the wheels turning is his head. He didn’t want to let it go. We died laughing. Daddy tried to tell him he’s not supposed to do that in public…but I guess he’s going to have to save that talk for another day.


  1. Stevie does that!!!!! One time he pulled it and yelped owie!! Boys wil be boys!!!!

  2. That is so funny!!! He is such a mess!