Thursday, April 16, 2009

Good Friday

We had a good visit with Ryan's Aunt Carolyn and cousin Jimmy. They were in town from Seattle. While we were all just sitting around waiting for folks to show up we let Kaylon play in his race car walker. Usually he just sits in it and chews on the steering wheel. BUT for some reason he just took off walking in it. He hit several road blocks and it took him a while to move, but he was walking in it for sure. Now...look out because Dale Jr is running thru the house!! He's only got one gear and that is forward, so if you are in his out! He was so proud of himself, he kept turning his head to make sure I was watching him. It is the cutest thing! (Wish I could post a picture. Give me a few more days.) So, of course I called Ryan, and he was already on his way home from work. As soon as he arrived, I let Kaylon show off for his Daddy. We were so proud. Anyway, that was the highlight of our day! That boy, he just melts our hearts.

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