Tuesday, April 21, 2009


We had a pretty bad start to our day and its not even 9AM yet. Kaylon and I stayed in Crosby last night so we can meet the roofers here at 8 AM to repair our hurricane damage. It was just us this time. No Daddy and no dogs. He fell asleep in our bed while I was catching up on American Idol shows I had missed and when it was time to go to bed I decided I would just let him sleep with me, mostly so I wouldn't be so lonely. Well, Ryan called this morning at 6:45 to wake me up so I can prepare for the roofers. Kaylon was already awake and playing with my cell phone. After we talked to Daddy we laid in bed for a few minutes and I shut my eyes. Not a moment later I heard a loud thump and my beautiful baby's terrifying scream. I let my son fall off of our bed. When I yanked him up off of the floor he was face down and I just knew I was going to see a bloody nose or something. He screamed for about 5 min while I was doing my best to console him, but he wasn't having it. I tried to lay him down so I could check him all over but all he wanted to do was hold on to my neck. Horrible. It was horrible. Once he stopped crying I started to play with his toes and kiss on his neck. Once I got him to smile I knew he would be ok. I on the other hand might be traumatized.


  1. Stevie used to do that and scare us like crazy!!!

  2. Poor Baby...you'll remember this forever....He won't! Lesson learned for Mommy! I love you! Mama

  3. thats ok i have one better. I remember when i was 6 years old and my sister was just a few months old. we were at my grandparnets house and my mom was getting her out of the car. as she carried in the carseat to the garage some how Shelly flopped out face first and hit the cement. HAHAHAHA just kidding it wanst funny but my mom was freaking out. nothing was wrong with her at all not even a bloody nose. So there you go babies can pretty much take a lickin and keep on tickin... (she is a little loopy now though)