Thursday, April 16, 2009

Easter Sunday

We had grate plans to send Kaylon to church with Pop and Noni. After church we would meet up with them for the Egg Hunt. Well, 1st the church cancelled their hunt, so Patti found that Moody Gardens was having a few that day, so we rescheduled to go there. Church was at 10am and they wanted to get there early so we got him ready in the most adorable outfit that Toni gave us of Ryan's from when he was a baby (it was all white with Easter motif embroidered on the chest) and off they wen to church at 9:15am. Plenty of time, right? Wrong! Mass started at 9am not 10! Trying to be early, they were still late! They decided to sit in on the last 30 min of mass since they were already there. When they got back to the house we changed Kaylon and off we were to Galveston for his egg hunt. When we arrived to Moody Gardens, got all unpacked and situated, we read the little bitty sign on the front door that says ALL EGG HUNTS CANCELLED....Dang our luck! Since we were there we decided to see the Aquarium...Kaylon likes to see the fish. $16 a person later Patti mentions this was probably a grand idea Moody Garden had to schedule hunts then cancel them the last min so everyone buys a ticket to see an attraction. We fell for it, but it was fun. We got some great pics of Kaylon looking at the fishes, sting raye's, and penguins. After the tour we headed back to the house for Easter dinner. To end the evening we headed over to Mema's house and met up with GG, Aunt Meag, and Aunt B. Cefore the day was up, Kaylon was spoiled with 3 Easter Baskets. One from Pop and Noni, one from GG, and one from the Easter Bunny of course!

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