Sunday, April 26, 2009

On the move!

Friday night we were packing up to go home to Crosby before we Ryan's birthday on Saturday.We were rushing around like usual trying not to forget anything and hoping to beat the traffic when I looked over at Kaylon and he was CRAWLING!!!!!! My beautiful itsy bitsy teeny tiny baby is now a big boy!!!! He hasn't perfected it just yet but doing more of an army man crawl (where his arms are moving but his legs just drag behind) I was so shocked that I started screaming at him (in a good way) trying to get the camera, but I scared him half to death and he started crying so I couldn't get any good ones. But just tonight at the apartment I was unpacking from the weekend so I put him on the floor and moved his toys just out of reach. I watched for a few min and he would tuck his feet up under his rear and push foreword...then reeeeeach his arm out. He did that over and over until he got to his toys. It was awesome. ( I did get that on video.) 7 months old and he is on the move. I can't believe it.

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