Wednesday, April 22, 2009


It is supposed to be day 2 of construction on the house, so I wake up in LaMarque this morning get Kaylon and rush off to Crosby to meet the contractor. I arrive and of course he has not yet arrived. I go ahead and pull the car in the garage before I unload Kaylon. I walk around to his door and I hear a hiss. I look over and what do I see???

Not one, but 2 SNAKES! I freak out...get Kaylon in the house and call Ryan. I think to call the fire dept. but the one in the neighbor hood is closed. I call the Baytown fired dept and they direct me to Harris co pest control who ultimately tell me they don't handle that kind of thing..I would need to find someone myself. WHAT? So, thankfully my neighbor was home. His informed me he does not like snakes, but he can sure kill them. That is all i needed so we walk over and he takes a shovel to their heads. Those things are like chickens...still dancing and carrying on with their heads hanging off. We waited about 15 min before he scooped them up one by one and they still snapped at him. Turns out they are highly poisonous Copper Head's. Go figure. Anyway, thanks to my neighbor they are dead and gone. Oh, and I am still waiting on the roofers. Ha.

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  1. I would have messed my pants also, the only good snake is a dead snake. I can picture it now, Aimee freaking out with a baby in tow.