Friday, April 15, 2011

Visiting with the Easter Bunny!!

We headed out to spend the day at the mall in Mobile, AL and the first thing when we walked in the door was the Easter BUNNY! (I don't know where my brain was but I didn't even think about seeing him there...otherwise we would have dresses a little better :)

Kaylon was beside himself running up to him and hugging on him. He immediately started talking to him and rubbing on his soft fur. Kolbie took a little longer to get warmed up. She just smiled and starred for a good little while and taking small little steps to inch herself closer to the furry thing. We were there bright and early and were the only ones in line so we got plenty of solo time with him.

Picture time Kolbie was a smiley girl as always. Kaylon was too busy talking to him to take a break and look at the camera. He was kind of shocked when the "Bunny Helper" went and positioned his arms, removed his Iron Man mask and pointed his head to look at the camera, and this is the resulting photo :) He looks terrified! I promise...he was thrilled! After we left and headed to some other shops all he could do was talk about seeing the Easter Bunny again. Until we stumbled on to the Disney Store where a Toy Store display was front and center showing off the new hero in our house Buzz Lightyear! It felt like we were in that store for an hour touching everything with the Spaceman's face on it. To my surprise he didn't even notice the display with all the Iron Man memorabilia! Kolbie enjoyed the Toy Story display just as much while unpacking and repacking all the red sparkly Jesse boots! To get him out the door I had to coax him BACK TO THE EASTER BUNNY!! Getting him out empty handed was the true task! He wanted to take the Buzz action figure to show the Bunny Man what was on his wish list for his Basket. Crazy boy :)

I can't wait to see what the Bunny bring my sweet boy and angel baby girl...


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