Thursday, April 7, 2011

Texas Bluebonnets

One last thing I had to check off my list before we headed to Mississippi was seeing the Bluebonnets. I was on a mission all week to find a cute spot that wasn't ridiculously far away. Usually there are small patches everywhere but none large enough for a photo op. We have been in need of rain so the Bluebonnet population all over was dwindling quickly. Thankful we found this cute little spot on the side of hwy 1008 in Dayton. Just big enough for me to get my fix. Of course...because I have 2 toddlers on my hands, at this precises moment they had no interest in enjoying the beautiful flowers. I didn't get a smile out of either one, but I didn't care. I was getting my pictures anyway!

This one turned out half way decent of my usually smiley girl pitching a fit!

My son on the other hand has mastered they art of avoiding the camera. I was lucky to get this shot. (Usually I can only catch the back or top of his head!)

We were happy to have Grammy join us in our quest to find the Bluebonnets before we left the next morning. Of course Kaylon wasn't going to join in this picture and Kolbie was patiently avoiding it as well.

At least I got my way! We saw the Bluebonnets and I have pictures to prove it!
Fair-well TEXAN's! We are gonna y'all!


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