Saturday, April 9, 2011

Welcome to our new home...

We found out a couple of weeks ago that Ryan's job was going to be transferring him back to Mississippi, and of course I wasn't going to let him leave us behind. He was here for a year, and I joined him for about 6 months when I was pregnant with Kaylon. We stayed in Ocean Springs last time and loved the area so much that we were happy for the opportunity to go back. We have tossed up the idea of moving back several times, but family is was keeps us in Texas.
We have always wondered if we would love it the same if we were ever to go back...Now we get to find out! We are especially excited because Ryan has been working so much and this move will allow him weekends off like a normal job for a while! A big change for us!

Taking the kids from their home and moving them 2 states away from everything they know made me a little nervous but I had the most anxiety about the 6 1/2 hour car ride. ( If I don't time it just right the little 1 to 1 1/2 hour road trips to Katy, LaMarque, and Orange can be torture.)

We were invited for Ryan's favorite breakfast made by Aunt KK in Dayton friday morning and decided we would hang around and wear the kids out so the 1st leg of the road trip would be napping.

We ended up leaving Dayton right at 1pm and Kolbie quickly fell asleep, but Kaylon...decided he would watch an entire movie of Barney before he would shut his eyes (Of course by then Kolbie was awake :(

We lucked out and was made it to our 1st scheduled stop at Don's Meat market in Lafayette,LA with out to much fussing. After about 30 minutes of stretching our legs, grabbing a bite to eat, and filling an ice chest of the delicious Cajun meats we were back on the road. Of course we had to catch rush hour traffic just at the right time in Baton Rouge that set us back a little but then about 40 miles to the MS border all of I-10 came to a complete stop. We sat there with our engines turned off for 10-15 minutes. This was complete torture for me because I couldn't get the kids out of their chairs because we were on the highway and the DVD player was messing up.

After that fiasco they fell asleep and we decided to skip our 2nd scheduled stop and just head for the rental house. We arrived about 8:45pm. 6 and a half hour ride pushed to almost 8 (with a little break in between) all in all wasn't very bad. I was very happy with the trip and the insignificant amount of whining that occurred.

We decided to stay in the same complex as before, so we rented a fully furnished 3 bedroom townhouse with a garage to fit all the play toys.
Once we arrived Ryan decided everything needed to come out of the cars, so we got in gear and he and his helper got everything in the house and me and my little helper got everything in its place.
Kolbie helping Mommy unpack the kitchen.

Kaylon making his 100th trip up the stairs helping Daddy unpack.

We are sad to be so far from everyone back home but very excited about being somewhere new and all the experiences ahead.

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