Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter Weekend

It was a lot different for us this year, because we are so used to being surrounded by family and friends on Easter Sunday, to spend it with just the four of us was unusual, but we made the best of it!

1st the Gandma Baskets were delivered in Saturday!

Grammy sent a box full of goodies with us from Texas and we did good not opening it until today :)

It was filled with lots of Buzz Lightyear goodies, snacks, books, babydolls, and clothes!
Thank you Grammy!

We picked up a box at the Post Office from Pop and Noni on Saturday

It was filled with lots of Easter goodies including NEW LOVIES (Our favorite Scentsy Buddies!)
Thank you Pop & Noni!

We received cards from GG on friday and the kids (Kaylon mostly) was surprised to find some Easter money! It was a learning experience to teach him we were going to buy something special with it later. Now he tells me "I'll buy it Mom!"...but then he goes for my wallet!
Thank you GG!

We were feeling the love sent all the way from everybody back in Texas!


I think Mom and Dad ended up more excited about the Easter Bunny coming than the kids were! They woke up and took their time making their way down the stairs and stumble upon their baskets full of Easter love.

Kaylon IMMEDIATELY saw his new Buzz Lightyear toy, and Kolbie...she just wanted the candy!

After baskets and breakfast, we planned on having our own mini egg hunt next to the pond in the neighbor hood. So I got the kids dressed up while Daddy "hid" the eggs.

We could not BRIBE them to pick up those eggs! They both knew their was a prize waiting inside, so they each got one and opened it. Forget the rest! Daddy ended up hunting his own eggs! (But at least I got these adorable shots of my sweet babies!)

I hope everyone had a blessed Easter! Sending our love from Mississippi! XOXO!


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