Friday, April 29, 2011


Reading back I noticed I neglected to mention a HUGE life changing milestone in the Forey house. KOLBIE IS WALKING!
Its hard for me to say an exact day she took her 1st steps. She took her sweet time figuring out how to do it just right. for a couple of days she would just soot her one foot forward. Then we caught her taking 2 steps here and there. Then for a good week she would get up to six or seven steps before she would fall down and resort back to her speed racer crawling technique.
It has really been in the last 2 or 3 weeks that she has really found her legs. She is such a stiff and awkward walker, I get the giggles just watching her get from point A to B. But she is oh so proud of herself!! There is no stopping her now! Her new favorite thing is getting one of Big brothers favorite toys...rubbing it in his face thats she's got it...then fast as she can take off running in the other direction! Giggling and laughing the whole way...while her brother squeals and tattles on her of course!

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