Sunday, May 1, 2011

To the Emergecny Room we go!

Daddy had just fired up the grill and we were getting settled in for a nice afternoon outside. The kids were playing in the driveway when Kolbie decided to make her way up the steps to the front door, which she had done time and time again, the only difference is she was eating and apple. Instead of watching where she was going, she had her eyes glued to that big juicy apple! She didn't even make it up the 1st step. She slipped on that one and knocked her mouth on the second step. Ryan and I were both only a foot away and saw it happen in slow motion, but neither of us could get there fast enough.

I yanked her up and started hugging her, but in that instant she wasn't crying. She is a tough girl. I pulled her back to get a look and there was so much blood. She was crying so hard she wasn't making any noise.

I ran inside to get a towel and put some ice on it, which of course she didn't like. It was bleeding so bad we couldn't even get a look at. We had to tag team it, while Ryan held her, I wiped the blood away to see an ENORMOUS gash just below her lip. Her mouth was full of blood, so we tried to rinse that out and saw that the cut was clean through. Four of her bottom teeth had cut clean through her lip.

Daddy had already grabbed up Kaylon and the keys and we were out the door for the Emergency Room. She was so hysterical and bleeding so bad that I didn't even attempt to put her in her car seat, so I buckled us both up in the front seat. Half way there,we turned right in front of a Police officer who couldn't help but notice our car driving slightly over the speed limit.
He followed us all the way to the hospital before he decided to let us go. Thank goodness! That would have just put a cherry right on top of my panic attack.

Once we got in to the ER, Kolbie turned right back into her old self again. She was waving and smiling a bloody smile to all the nurses. She had them swooning over her. They got us right back, and not long after the doctor was in. She was working her magic on him until he decided to touch her lip and remind her she had a bo bo. After he checked her out, he determined she could definatley use a couple stiches, but decided he would attempt to use the Dermabond (super glue) 1st to see if it would hold it together.

While we were waiting for the doctor and nurses to return for the procedure, she got some comforting love from her Daddy. Kaylon kept himself busy playing with surgical gloves and pushing all the buttons.

Look at my happy baby covered in blood. Even her poor bow was ruined :(

I was holding it together pretty well, but I was a crazy mess on the inside. Then the anticipation of her the pain she was about to endure through her procedure almost made me pass out. But when the doctor came back in and was ready to go, I got all up in his business. I had to hold her hands and feet while she was screaming and trying to kick. I watched him glue her back together making sure he lined up just right. That is when I noticed she was missing one of her top teeth! I pointed it out to the doctor, when he realized the tooth was still attached it was just stuck on the inside of her top lip. Seeing him stretch her sore and swollen lip to release the tooth was gut wrenching for me. Way worse than gluing her back together. I still can't believe she was smiling and waving all the while she had a tooth stuck in her top lip. I told you she was a tough girl!

Anyway...prognosis is, keep it clean and dry (haha, yeah right!) and it should be nice and healed from the inside out. The ER doc was happy with the result of the glue and doesn't seem to think she will be left with any scar at all. Whew! In less than 2 hours from her fall we were fixed and back home. (Never would that happen back home!)

She had a good night, and this morning she acted like it didn't even bother her. She gets pretty upset when she cant suck out of her sippy cup or even a straw. And she is too much of an eater to stick with yogurt and pudding, so she toughed it through a biscuit and grits for breakfast. She has been trying to pull the glue off her chin and has busted the inside wound open and bleeding a couple of times, but that was to be expected. Kaylon was worried about her last night but he is pretty much over it by now.
I am so proud of the way they both handled the whole event. I just knew Kaylon was going to be our 1st reason for rushing to the ER, but what do I know!!


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