Thursday, November 12, 2009

Something to BLOG about...

So, that incredibly wonderful and adorably handsome husband of mine brought home my Christmas present last weekend. Of course he couldn't help himself but to give me my new CAMERA! Yay! Its a Nikon D70...whatever that means! I just know now, I'm going to look like the tourist/ obsessive picture taking mommy lady. Its cool though..I can pull it off. So, before I retire my old " always miss the good shot" camera I figured I would use it to take a picture of my new awesomeness camera.Ta da! There it is! Thank you Baby!

So here are some pictures with my new awesomeness camera...

Daddy and Kaylon playing

One Cute KID!

Kaylon and Aunt Meagan

Helping Noni cook

To see more random awesomeness pictures click here.

Something to blog about #2

Check this out... the best bouquet I ever got. (Sorry Daddy.) Just melt my heart. Of course they are in a vase on the kitchen counter right now!


  1. that is what i have. and i LLOOOVVVEEE it! dont throw away the point and shoot thought. Mine still comes in pretty handy to just throw in my purse when we are going some where that I just MIGHT want to take a picture but MAYBE NOT. you know what i mean.. have fun with it. OH and the extra lens is sometimes hard to use due to the whole balancing thing so i suggest a tri pod. you can get them at best buy pretty cheap. HAPPY SHOOTING

  2. Oh that is too sweet! What a doll! Love the new cam!