Monday, September 14, 2009

Last weeks update

So much is going on, things have been very busy in the Forey House. We rang in the labor day weekend with the purchase of our new floors. Installation was Tues, Wed, and Thurs. My Dad and his guys didn't quite get it finished on Thursday, so came back last Sunday to tidy up their loose ends. Needless to say our lives have been total chaos with our house upside down. Getting thru construction STINKS! But totally worth it in the end. We love our new floors!

So,through out this pregnancy so far I have been dealing with what I would call "serious" waves of nausea. The doctor and I have been able to manage it with a prescription of zofran to take as needed. Well, during all this construction last Tuesday night I took my prescription, but it just didn't seem to do the trick. I was pretty much hugging the toilet all night and retreated back to bed right before Ryan got up for work. I let him know that I wasn't feeling very well, and since I was going to be taking Britt to the doctor in the Med Center that morning, he thought I should go ahead and see my doctor. After sleeping a bit more, I went ahead and woke Britt up and I jumped in the shower, only to loose whatever fluid in my stomach I had left. We made it to Britt's apt and when we were leaving her apt I got real shaky and started to get sick again. I called my Doctor to tell her we were in the area and if I could see her. She decided I should go to the emergency room to get immediate help, and she would see me tomorrow. I was NOT going to the ER for throwing up. So we decided to go home. On the way home (yes I was driving) I started to get sick again, so we stopped at Jenna's house so I could rest. I got SO sick with the dry heaves, that Mema showed up and forced me to the ER. I got there and they saw me pretty quickly. I had to receive 2 injections to stop the nausea and the reflux. Then I was so dehydrated that they gave me 2 bags of fluid thru IV. But after that and 12 solid hours if upchucking I felt "fine" and they sent me home. Dr. Boswell said the next day that if it ever happens again, after just a few hours to go to the ER and start getting IV fluids and the injections instead of suffering thru it all. She did get a "cocktail" of four different prescriptions I am to rotate through out the day to help prevent another episode. She also told me this was a sure sign I was having a girl. Girl or Boy...this baby is racking up some spankings for when it gets here!

On the bright side of things...Kaylon's 1st birthday party is creeping up on us, so many last minute things to do. We celebrated with the family our twin niece and nephew's 6 month birthday, GG and Noni's Birthday's were also last weekend. So many things going on the month of September. I am looking forward to October, we will be in desperate need of a break! (And it's the begining of the best time of year!)

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  1. I was hospitalized 3 times because of getting sick while I was preg with AJ and I never got sick with Stevie.