Thursday, May 27, 2010

Hi Daddy

Part 1:
Kaylon's 1st word, obviously, was Da Da. But recently he has been referring to Ryan as "MaMa" which has really been bugging him. Every time we correct him.
Part 2:
Ryan is gone to work well before we get up for the day, so the only time we get to see him is when he gets home from his 2 hour drive (around 7ish) until he goes to bed (8:30ish) and thats when he doesn't stay the night in Orange. It is always the cutest thing when we are playing in the house, or making dinner and Kaylon hears the garage door open. His little head perks up where ever he is at and concentrates real hard to make sure that is really what he is hearing. Confirmation comes when he hears his Daddy walk in the back door. His nearly jumps out of his skin and runs as fast as he can (usually taking the longest route around the house) to get to the back door and love on his Daddy.

Well, Tuesday night, we were cooking dinner and both had our heads in the freezer when the garage door started to open. I heard it, but Kaylon was way to interested in digging in the freezer. So when the back door opened it caught him off guard. When he looked up Ryan was already right next to us (our refrigerator is very close to the garage). He couldn't run around or express his excitement. So when he looked up and saw Ryan there he just simply said..."Hi Daddy"
Uggghh! Priceless!


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