Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Kolbie Michelle 21 months old

All I can say us WOW. How fast my angel baby girl is blossoming into a little girl is astonishing. Her gibber jabbers have turned into full blown sentences. Our MaMa and DaDa names have been lengthened to Mommy and Daddy. That was a huge punch in the stomach and the biggest realization that she is getting bigger. She is a bossy little thing that loves to get on to her brother and Lucy at every opportunity. "No no Bubba!" "No no Lose!" it's pretty much adorable. Always.

Kolbie loves to carry her babies around with her everywhere. The car, school, grocery name and "my baaaaby!" comes. When we are at home she pushes baby all around the house and is not a happy camper when Daddy teases her that it's his baby. If you ask nicely...she will let you hug baby. Not for to long though.

Prissy Sissy is the best description for her. I have ruined her with her bows and shoes and pretty clothes that now she pitches a fit when it's time to take them off. So much so that I have to do a switcheroo and trick her to put a "sleep bow" in her hair. "My shoes! My Shoes!!" The only way of getting those off is by playing the smell my stinky foot game...where Mommy and Daddy always loose! Her love for her shoes has gone so far that she picks out which ones she wants to wear that day, and I coordinate her outfit to match. Pretty ridiculous...I know. I will apologize to her daddy in about 13 years when we are spending more money on her shoes than we are on her wardrobe.
She has mastered a new art of fit throwing. Imagine that. She's perfected the limp body and drop to the floor move that she has no doubt learned from her big brother. But her own addition of banging her fist and feet on the floor is classic. Humorous at first, but warrants a few taps on the bottom every time.

Her intellectual progression is astounding. Since starting school her vocabulary is quadrupled. She has become a doodler and the new artist of the family. A pencil and a piece of paper can keep her busy. Take your eye off of her and the art is on the table, floor, books, anywhere she see's fit. She hasn't discovered the walls as canvas yet, and for that I am thankful!
Nevertheless...counting down the days till it happens.

She is a human sponge and absorbs everything. Her biggest teacher is her big brother. I didn't use the description if best teacher because he doesn't always use his best behavior when teaching his tiny tag along. Climbing on counters and tables has become her forte.

Speaking of tiny...or lack there of...we went to the doctor the other day for a cold that we just could not kick. Guess what. Kaylon 33 lbs. Kolbie 27 lbs!! 5 lbs difference! What in the world!!

Her heart is so big and her sweet girl smile can move mountains. It doesn't matter if your 21 months or 21 years. You will always be my angel baby girl.


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