Sunday, December 11, 2011

Santa's Wonderland- Pictures with Santa

Kaylon LOVES Santa. I dont know of a 3 year old who doesn't. But our word revolves around his and Kolbie's joy and excitement this time of year. The preparation and anticipation of meeting the big man is exhausting! He practices day and night so he knows exactly what he is going to say when he gets his turn. As if the pressure wasn't enough, he decided he would let him know what was on Kolbies wish list this year too.

Kaylons List:
Spider Man bike
Iron Man toys, and a Thor hammer

Kolbies List: (via Kaylon)
Princess toys
a baby Thor hammer

When it was his turn, he was ready. He did what he was told. Looked at the camera. He didn't have to fake the smile. After the pictures were taken, he had his opportunity to rattle off his list, and he took it! Didn't forget one thing. He even remembered his baby sister. Which was great because there was NO WAY she was going to do it herself! She was almost as excited as he was to see Santa, but that was all she wanted to do. How dare Daddy just sit her down and leave her there to fend for herself! Silly girl. She made through just fine and even waved him goodbye when it was all over.


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