Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Daddy is off to work

Well, it been a few weeks now since Ryan has finished up work in Freeport. So, we have been spoiled rotten with Daddy time. 24-7 family time we knew would eventually have to come to an end. They are sending him to Orange, Tx on a job out there starting tomorrow that will last thru October (so they say!). When we wake up in the morning, he will already be gone. So , I will have to make sure to get a napkin before I sit down to feed my son, walk the dogs, and close the garage door all on my own again. Our morning walks will have to go on, just a little bit slower, and i will have to figure out how to ride his bike with the stroller trailer attached. The good thing is he thinks it is close enough that he will try to come home every night, which we can't be happier about...and NO working WEEKENDS...which is awesome too! Please keep him in mind while he make is road trip every day...and think of us as we twiddle our thumbs waiting for him to get home.

We love you Daddy!

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