Monday, July 6, 2009

Happy Belated 4th Everyone!

We had a good 1st fourth of July for Kaylon. On short notice we decided to head to the Ashby's house for some crawfish as a surprise for Adria's birthday. There were lots of folks there...and LOTS of babies! It was so awesome to see Kaylon interact with children his age. There was a boy there named Landon (cute name :) that was just turning nine months old. His mother and I compared them and their capabilities nearly the whole evening. Landon beat us on his teeth of course...he got his 1st one at 6 months and is cutting his third already, but he doesn't sleep thru the night or take good naps like our sweet boy has mastered. Little Landon was wearing 12 month clothes and of course Kaylon was still sporting his 3/6 month baseball outfit we love so much. Then Travis' niece Taylor was there cute as ever with her little pig tails. She is 16 months old, walking around with her big sweet cheeks! She is only a couple of pounds heavier than Kaylon is now. That made me feel good, knowing I have been worrying about his "average" size. Taylor goes to school everyday and it was amazing to me to see how well she did with other children. Kaylon was very curious about all of the kiddo's wanting to touch them and feel their faces. He kept trying to get their crackers and sippy cups. My little "Mister In To everything!" I was so happy to see him interacting with the others

You can see pictures by clicking this link

All in all it was a good fourth. No fireworks though. All we saw were the left overs in the sky on our drive back home. Ryan is not used to fire works like I am. Growing up in Clear Lake, they were banned. But we had them every year in Katy, and Crosby allows them too. So I am looking foreword to giving Kaylon that experience as he gets older. Safely of course.

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  1. You for got to mention K trying to get everyone's beers!!! Did you forget my kids were there too!!!!