Wednesday, July 22, 2009

So much to catch up on

Bare with me while I attempt to update all that has happened in the last week....

Home Internet YAY!!:
1st and foremost we FINALLY made it to the 21st Century and got our very own Internet connection at home, so we no longer have to sit in the middle of our driveway and "borrow"' our neighbors wi-fi! Hopefully, that means a timely manner to post the wonderful happening of our day.

Sunday 7-19 a very Busy Day!
Early Sunday morning we were doing some re-arranging in the dining room and had Ryan's Papa's old ladder in the house to lift our chandelier. After lifting it a foot or so, we got side tracked doing other things around the house. When I came back around to the ladder I found our son who had climbed up and was standing on the very first step of the ladder happy as an be. I thought it was pretty cute so, I snapped a few photo's and hollered at Ryan to take a look. Of course, Then I had to tell my son no-no and brought him around to the living room as any good mother would do.

So, there I go, off scurrying around the house trying to accomplish any little thing all the while hearing Kaylon playing in the living room...or so I thought! Not 2 min. after I moved him to the living room I came back by the ladder and there he was only this time he was 3 STEPS UP the ladder!!! That is over 3 feet off the ground. I start hooping an hollering like a mad woman! Scared me to death! Ryan looked up and saw him in amazement asking me if he climbed up there only to assume that I must have put him up there to take a picture. Sorry folks, NO picture. I would not intentionally put my child in harms way. I immediately yanked him off the ladder and I guess that showed him he did wrong, either that or I scared the bejeebers out of him with my reaction. Either way we learned no more ladder's are allowed in the house for an extended period of time!

Later that same afternoon is when he decided he would let go of the coffee table and walk. He had been taking the 1 or 2 steps from the coffee table to the couch, at the most we could get was 3 steps out of him. We were at Aunt KK and Aunt Teresa's house for Aunt T's birthday and for some reason...he just let go and took off. Never looked back. He started with 3 or 4 steps. By the end of the afternoon he was walking back and forth across the living room. (see the video I posted in the last blog) Pop and Noni were on their way home from Bush Airport so they swung by to check Kaylon out in action.

Aunt Brittanee:
Has been staying with us for the weekend and has been a GREAT help. She's is very good at changing diapers (even the poops:) She was a super help at feeding time, helping me to feed him with his spoon. She was even a great help keeping the house clean. We were very sad to see her go home on Tuesday.

Tuesday morning Aunt B went with us to tour Kaylon's new school. I enrolled him in the Mothers Day out Christian program at Crosby Church. He will be going 2 times a week for 6 hours a day starting in August. I am so excited for this opportunity...(not to ditch my kid) but hopefully to help him with his social skills. That is one of the things I have been a little paranoid about being a stay at home mom. He really doesn't get to hang out with little guys very often. He will be in the one year old class with up to 9 other children and 2 teachers. They have a very structured schedule (which I love) so every day their play/learning curriculum is planned out in advance. I even found out that they will have a Christmas recital. How super cute is that! I can't wait. ( Oh, did I mention, It will be a nice break for Mommy too)


Tuesday evening GG came to check out her little man walking and to take Aunt B away from us. But before they left though we went to go feed the ducks. We have a really big pond at the main entrance of our neighborhood where there are tons of ducks. Recently some of the ducks had babies, so there were several fluffy little yellow ducklings walking around. So adorable.

When we got out of the car all the ducks immediately started swarming us looking for hand outs. Kaylon didn't know what to think at first...that is until GG gave him a piece of bread. Then he knew exactly what he was supposed to do. Eat the bread, of course! While he was eating the bread, he had no more time for the ducks! We tried to take some cute scenic pictures. Again, he was more interested in the bread. What do you do. ( You can check out more pic under the Forey Foto's link to your right)

Explosion at Work:

Today Ryan called me telling me he was coming home early from work. Apparently there had been some bad storms around the Beaumont/Orange area and ( hopefully I get most of this story right...) lightning hit one of the transformers which surged the electricity, that then threw live power lines dancing all over the place, which then ignited the ethaline(??) unit in the plant. He said it put off a huge fireball into the sky and obviously shut the whole plant down. From what he said...everyone was pretty shaken up, but luckily no one was hurt. So, Daddy will be home with us again for the next few days. Since we were all home for the afternoon Grammy and Papa decided to come by and check out Kayon's latest accomplishment. We went to Applebee's for dinner, and after he was a good boy for a while I let him walk around the restaurant ( they weren't very busy) Then when it was time to leave he walked all the way from the table to the front door. It was super cute. Especially because I was having to get after him to hurry up because Papa was behind us and catching up fast.

So, hopefully now your are all caught up on our little family happenings. Stay tuned I know there is more to come with all the new things he is absorbing everyday.

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