Thursday, January 21, 2010

Bed time trauma- Today is the day!

I have found that I have a lot (excuse me, A LOT) of one on one time with Kaylon. We chose to have it that way and have enjoyed every minute of it, but as the day's are quickly ticking off the calendar to Kolbie's arrival, I am having major anxiety about having to take some of that quality time away from him to share with baby sister. I am afraid he is going to loathe her because of it (which to fulfill his title as big brother he will have to do at times regardless of my preparations.) I know this. That being said, I would like to make it not so obvious that things are changing on her account. There are several area's I can work on, but the most important place to start (for my sanity) I have decided is bed time. Our usual routine (if you want to call it that) is play until Daddy gets home, eat, watch some TV, and hold each other until he falls asleep. Then I tip toe as quietly and as stiff as possible , so I don't wake him, down the hall to his room, lay him him in his crib, then hurry up and throw the covers on him, run out the door and don't look back. Some times he wakes up and sometimes he doesn't. When he does, I usually let him cry for 15-25 minutes, but by 30 min I cant handle it any more. He's taken my heart out and jumped all over. So I'll usually go get him and start the process all over again.

Today is the DAY! Traumatic or not, we will be enforcing a new routine including a bed time. Eat, bath, bedtime 9:00pm. I will be turning off all monitors and setting my timer for 35 minutes before I will allow myself to go check on him. After 2 months with the new routine, my plan is he will not remember it any other way. Wish me luck with this. (By the way Daddy, you are staying up tonight to endure the trauma with us.)

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