Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Bad Breath

I had the pleasure of waking up this morning to my sweet boy calling for me on the monitor. As usual routine goes, I run to the little girls room, lock the dogs in my bedroom, head down the hall, and retrieve a morning faced messy haired sweet sweet child from his crib, help my self to some extra good morning hugs, and a rock or 2 in the rocker next to his bed. Only this morning I was greeted by a special visitor that so viciously cut into my rocking time...HIS BAD BREATH! YIKES! What is a mother to do? I accepted his stinky breath kisses and decided it was time.
Now, please do not think my son is 15 months old and never brushed his teeth. Actually, a tooth brush has consistently placed on his ever changing list of top 10 toys. But today we used toothpaste! I already had some on hand because I knew the day was coming. Turns out he loves it. After scrubbing his mouth all around and rinsing the toothbrush free from paste he kept telling me "more, more." Turns out that toothpaste taste pretty good. The toothpaste is fluoride free and safe to swallow, so I didn't even attempt to teach him how to spit it out. I can just see him taking that lesson to a whole new level. Anyway, here are a few pictures from the experience.



  1. LOVE IT! and even more I love that you are wearing a jacket with your PJs .. I know know exaclty why your my friend. I do the same thing! HAHAHHAHAHA

  2. So Funny!!!! Love it! B&C are close behind with the bad breath issue. I hate that infant toothpaste doesn't smell very refreshing! Too cute sweet boy!!!