Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Baby Kolbie Update

So, I have been meaning to post an update of my last ob visit, but haven't gotten around to it. Today, I have found myself with time to spare.

For a few weeks now, I have been noticing some drastic changes in the way I feel, from normal, to excited and shaky, to short of breath, and my heart racing. As most of you know, I had Gestational Diabetes while pregnant with Kaylon, along with several other issues. I started to log my blood sugars just to see how things were going. To my surprise they were way out of control with some readings as high as 250 (much higher levels than with Kaylon, normal would be under 100.) After chatting with my doctor on Thursday we decided to go ahead and log my readings diligently for a few days and she would call me on Monday with a regimen of medication best suited to keep it under control. After talking with her today, she decided it was best for Kolbie and I to stay at St. Lukes for a few days to have the best attention and get this sugar situation under control.

As the end of Hospital Stay Day 1 comes to a close, all I know so far is they will have me on a strict diabetic diet (which super stinks!) and be monitoring the baby and my sugar readings for the next 24 hours before making any more changes. Ironically, of course, all my reading since admission have been completely normal. One was even low. I don't know what that is about, but if I can get out of here with out having to take insulin injections, I will be thrilled to death!

Keep your fingers crossed that we get this under control asap and I can get back home to my husband and baby boy, who by the way is completely confused about why I didn't pick him up from school today, and why I didn't leave with him when they came to see me.

What is Gestational Diabetes?
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  1. GIRL! You better have a talk with that baby girl. I hope that everything works out ok and that you and Kolbie are home soon. Even if insulin shots are in your future just remember it is what is best for that baby girl and yourself. Cant wait to finally see pictures of this sweet girl.