Sunday, May 27, 2012

1st pool day Summer 2012

Every summer I get nervous about swimming pools and water play as any mother does. My Super Hero has no fear, and her Majesty is indecisive from day to day. I know they loooove bath time and can stay in there for an hour no problem, but in my eyes the pool is a whole different ball game. Anyway, when I decided it was time to go for it , both of them were all in. We dressed, rubbed on some sunscreen, grabbed our towels, and headed to Dayton!

As I expected. NO FEAR from the hero of course. I walked him down the steps, and that was it, He took off...only to be rescued once for drifting to far off into the deep end.

 Her Majesty was a little prissy and wanted to stay on the steps or cling herself on to me or Amanda. She did venture off one and jumped in. I let her head go under of course and she was pretty mad at me about that. She'll live.

Never the less, SUMMER..Here We COME!! Pool time, water play, Pirates Bay....stay tuned!

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