Thursday, May 3, 2012

Super Hero Day (at school)

I live with a Super hero. You think you may know what I'm talking about. But trust me. Im serious. My son has gone do far as to officially change his name to Kaylon Stark. On more than one occasion. in Toni Stark...aka Iron Man.
The radioactive spider juices flow through his veins (and his rubber boots) so fluidly that he can climb right up to the top of the refrigerator.
He can run fast as lightning when he's Kaylon...but with the Super Cape in place...he's as fast as the wind. So fast in can't even see him run!
Kolbie has turned herself into a little Diva Hero too. She has a plethora of "Super" knowledge that is shocking for a 2 year old girl!

 So when it came time for Super Hero day at school, his excitement uncontrollable. As you know, he is pretty well of in the Hero uniform department, so I started to explain to him that a nice friend would bring all his Super Hero attire to share with his friends that might not have any to play with on Super hero day. He didn't seem pleased with the idea so I dropped the subject for little while, but on the way home he brought it back up. "Mommy" he said, "I want to be Super Man or Super Hero Day, but I dont want to share my Batman or my other Super Hero's." I could tell he had been thinking about it, so I agreed we would just leave them all at home except for the one he wanted to wear.Morning came, and so did Super Man, so excited for Super Hero day at school! When he came in to our bedroom with his Super Man suit in tow, he informed us he decided to bring ALL his super hero costumes to share with his friends.
It made me very happy, but concerned with how the sharing aspect of the day might go. As soon as we got to school he helped me dress his friends. He showed them the proper way to preform their super hero duties as assigned, and never once asked for his stuff back. Proud is just not descriptive enough for how I felt about my son. He was a Super Hero, from the bottom of his 3 year old heart to the tips of his rubber boot covered toes.

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